Sanitary Equipment

Chemineer Sanitary Mixers
Turbine agitators designed to meet critical sanitary mixing requirements for construction, finish, and cleaning

Greerco Colloid Mill
High-speed, high shear mills with adjustable gap capable of batch or in-line processing of immiscible and viscous materials

Greerco Sanitary Pipeline Mixer
Sanitary in-line high-shear mixer that can disperse, emulsify, homogenize, and deagglomerate with precise product uniformity

Kenics Sanitary Static Mixer
Sanitary static mixers producing complete radial mixing and flow division for any combination of liquids, gases, or solids

LEWA ecodos® Sanitary Pumps
Sanitary diaphragm pumps for accurate metering, proportioning, and transfer of fluids

LEWA Hygienic Diaphragm Metering Pumps
Sealless design ensures a contamination-free, sterile environment for fluid pumping or metering